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A blog about development technologies, with a Microsoft and JavaScript tilt.

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I am a software developer living in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I am an independent consultant and am available for hire. I am experienced with Microsoft technologies such as .NET, Azure, and SQL Server. I am fluent with front-end libraries like React, Angular, Vue, and Blazor. I help teams modernize their software by adopting DevOps principles and up-to-date tools. I am a seasoned, light-hearted voice on teams. I am a problem solver.

By The Numbers

6 Years

Iowa Code Camp Organizer

8 Years

CVINETA (RIP) Organizer


Published NuGet Packages


Published Chocolatey Packages


  1. I am the owner of Cole Consulting, LLC, where I have several happy, repeat clients.
  2. I created and maintain key-vault-diff, which is a tool that can be used to discover and manage differences between two Azure Key Vaults.
  3. I try to help people on StackOverflow and Reddit.