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Topic: appveyor

I maintain several Chocolatey community packages on GitHub. I am using the chocolatey-au tool to automatically update new versions of software, running in an AppVeyor scheduled build. A few months ago the Zoom package stopped automatically updating, and it appeared that the AppVeyor build agent was not seeing the latest version of the Zoom version feed. After troubleshooting what I thought was a caching issue, I realized that the build agent was still running on a Windows Server 2012 OS. It appears the Zoom version feed observes the user agent HTTP request header, and serves the latest version that your operating system can support. Once I updated the build agent to use the Visual Studio 2022 image, the chocolatey-au tool worked as expected.

#TIL that you can RDP into an AppVeyor build agent to help troubleshoot issues. First you need to add the following to the on_finish block in your .yml file:

- ps: $blockRdp = $true; iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/appveyor/ci/master/scripts/enable-rdp.ps1'))

This will block the job from succeeding and output the RDP info in the console. Before re-running the job, you need to add an environment variable named APPVEYOR_RDP_PASSWORD to your build settings. The value of this will be the password of your RDP connection.